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Fender Telecaster Electric Guitars at Rich Tone Music

The Telecaster, first revealed in 1951, is where it all began for Fender. At Rich Tone Music, we have a huge variety of Fender Telecaster Electric Guitars in stock or on order, including the Standard, American Standard, Special, Deluxe and Artist series.

The Fender Telecaster is favoured for its simple and elegant design and versatitily by many guitarists around the world, but notably by the likes of Joe Strummer, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen and Andy Summers. It's a sturdy beast, with a single cutaway (a distinctive hallmark of Telecasters) and classic tone thanks to its dual single-coil pickups. Further pickup options can add even more versatility, too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fender Telecaster Guitar?

A Fender Telecaster Guitar is known as the first solid-body electric guitar that was commercially successful, designed and made for mass production by Leo Fender. The design originated in 1950 but finally went to market as the “Telecaster” in the Autumn of 1951. It is often referred to as musicians as “Tele” for short.

What is a Fender Telecaster MIM?

A Fender Telecaster MIM refers to one Made in Mexico, in the Ensenada Fender factory.

There are currently several series of Telecaster made in the Mexican Fender factory. Currently this series list is:

Mexican made Fender Telecasters range in price from c£500 through to c£1000 depending on specifications, features finish. Being relatively more affordable versus Fender American Telecasters, they are often a good entry point to the Fender range. The Fender Standard Series Telecaster being especially popular.

Where are Fender Telecasters Made?

Current Fender Telecasters are made in the following countries: China, Mexico, Japan and America.
The models made in China, such as the Modern Player Telecaster, are the entry point to Fender branded Telecasters. The mid range models are made in Mexico and there are several series available, such as the Standard Series and the Classic Player Series. Japanese made models tend to be done as limited edition models (Fender Special Run) with limited production globally. The American made Fender Telecasters represent the top of the range available.

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