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Electric Guitars at Rich Tone Music

The electric guitar is potentially the most important and influential instrument of the modern era.

Featuring heavily in all genres of modern music, electric guitars will always be one of the world's most popular instruments.

We stock a massive range of electric guitars at Rich Tone Music. It's where we started out and something we pride ourselves on being the very best at!

From beginners to seasoned professionals, we're sure we will have an electric guitar for you. Regardless of budget and experience we offer a massive range of electric guitars for you to choose from; varying in brand, size, shape, series and price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will an Electric Guitar work without Amp?

Technically, Yes.

If you do not plug an Electric Guitar into a Guitar Amplifier, you are simply getting an “acoustic sound”. Depending on the body type of the Electric Guitar you will get some intrinsic volume from the instrument – perfectly fine for practising quietly in your bedroom. However, to be fully enjoyed, they are designed to be used in conjunction with a guitar amplifier.

Are electric guitars the same as acoustic?

No. Electric Guitars are not the same as Acoustic Guitars. The primary volume source from an Electric Guitar is provided by a Guitar Amplifier, as string vibrations are transmitted down through the pick ups, through the cable to Amplifier. An Acoustic Guitar works by the guitar string vibrations being circulated in the body of the acoustic guitar, and physically being amplified and pushed back out of the sound hole. Thus, an acoustic guitar has a naturally louder and tonally different sound than an “unplugged” electric guitar.

There are many other differences, such as their traditional build methods, how they feel to play, the types of musical genre they are best suited etc etc.

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