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Korg SP-170S Digital Piano - White

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The SP-170S piano focuses on the pianistic essentials of sound and playing touch. The power switch and volume knob on the front panel ensures easy operation by those who may be using a digital piano for the first time. Two additional buttons Sound and Piano Play have been added to this model.

Pressing the Sound button lets you access and select one of the ten keyboard sounds; the Piano Play button quickly selects the Piano 1 sound, so great piano sound is always just one button press away!

The SP-170S features a duo of concert grand piano sounds, each recorded with meticulous care. Numerous velocity layers are used to capture nuances of playing dynamics, allowing the instrument to respond expressively to every delicate touch. In addition, sounds such as electric piano, harpsichord, and organ are also provided, delivering a total of ten premium sounds.

The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard is accurately weighted like a traditional piano, with a heavier touch in the lower ranges and becoming progressively lighter in the higher registers. Three levels of Key Touch Control allow the keyboard response to be matched to nearly any playing style, preserving all of the subtle expression of the original performance.

The SP-170S features an enhanced speaker system, with two oval speakers (10 cm x 5 cm) generating sounds that are surprisingly spacious for the system's size. Along with the improved speaker quality, the structure of the piano itself has been redesigned to improve the resonance and tone, providing an even more powerful sound.

Individually selectable Reverb and Chorus effects add an extra dimension to the SP-170S's sound. The Reverb provides a lush spaciousness. The Chorus effect adds motion and warmth to the sound.

The rear panel provides two headphone jacks, allowing two people to enjoy the sound simultaneously. This is ideal for playing duets or sharing songs with a friend; in addition, parent and child or student and teacher can share a lesson with complete privacy. These same outputs can be used to connect the SP-170S to a digital recorder or an external amplifier.

Specifications - SP170 S White
Simple in design, portable and stylish
Two sampled concert grand piano sounds capture all the nuances of the performer's touch
clean and streamlined controls make it easy to select sounds and set the volume
A total of ten sounds are provided, including electric pianos, harpsichord, organs, strings, and more
Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano
Key Touch Control offers three levels of sensitivity to match the keyboard response to any playing style
Speaker system with improved speaker quality and enhanced resonance
Reverb effect adds depth and spaciousness to the sound; Chorus adds warmth and motion
Two headphone jacks allow for parent/child or student/teacher private practice, or for just sharing with friends
Damper pedal and music rest included

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