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Thu, 21 Apr 2016 Category: Novation

Novation Announce Circuit Components Tool Suite

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Novation have just last week announced a brand new suite of tools for their flagship Circuit controller, expanding its capabilities even further and allowing you to import samples, install an editor to make designing complex patches easier, back up all your sessions to the cloud and an updated firmware version!

The Circuit is a nifty little beast already. Those of you who have used one will understand it’s easy to fall in love with and a joy to use. However, there have been some features that people have been calling out for and, credit to Novation, they have listened and committed to improving the Circuit.

Best of all; they’ve done it all for free! It won’t cost you a penny to download any of the “Circuit Components”.

Side note: Primarily as a customer and music lover, but importantly as a retailer wanting the best for our customers; it’s great to see manufacturers supporting existing product and going the extra mile to improve them.

So what’s included?

Sample Import

The sample import allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop samples onto Circuit and create your own pallet of unique sounds. There’s 60 seconds of space across 64 slots, you can use MP3 or WAV files and you can easily export your sounds to backup or share. Sweet!


With the Editor you can now design complex patches from the comfort of your computer, then simply disconnect and return to the Circuit, setting yourself free from the shackles of PC editing/performing. The editor is super comprehensive too, granting you access to every synth parameter of Circuit’s two powerful polysynths!



It’s now easier than ever to back up your sessions thanks to Librarian, allowing you to quickly store your 32 sessions in the cloud and the recall the sessions from anywhere whenever you need them.


To use the new Circuit components, you’ll need to upgrade your current firmware which, as well as making your Circuit compatible, also brings with it a handful of bug fixes and some other new features:
Play with Other Controllers: You can now record MIDI data from other external instruments that you attach to Circuit. You can even use your iPad!


  • Play with Ableton: It’s now a piece of cake to sync your Circuit up with Ableton Live and take MIDI data from your session within a couple of clicks.
  • Momentary Record: Holding record will now let you punch in and/or overdub notes without having to lose your flow or interfering with your existing work.
  • Step Edit: Automation is now easier than ever and Step Edit provides massive potential by allowing a different pitch for each drum hit, or FX to be added to just one note in a sequence.
  • External Preset Select: You can now remotely change the sound of either of Circuit’s two synths via MIDI messages, or any of Circuit’s four drums using MIDI CC messages.

I think it’s safe to say this is a great update from Novation and makes an already fantastic piece of gear even better.

If you haven’t already got a Circuit, or if you were thinking of getting your hands on one, maybe now is the time? They’re great value for money and when you’ve got this kind of support from a manufacturer you know you’re in very, very safe and reliable hands!

Learn More About the Novation Circuit Here

Full Details and Download of Components Tool Suite Here

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