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Thu, 5 Jan 2017 Category: Web Site News

CITES - Rosewood - And How It Affects You

Tags: CITES, Rosewood, Cites Ruling, Cites Rosewood

Coming into force on the 2nd January 2017 - the new CITES ruling is designed to restrict the trade in illegally sourced Rosewood and sub-species. It will impact on how Rosewood can be traded across borders..and will have implications for the trade in musical instruments!!...Here's the latest.

For the purposes this article, it affects any musical instrument with ANY amount of rosewood in it (For Now). As you can imagine, it means an extremely wide range of products become subject to this new ruling and there will be changes throughout the industry.

Specific advice from our suppliers is extremely varied, and in some cases, is non-existant. Rich Tone Music will always seek to follow the law and to that end we are providing the following information to our customers, that the Rich Tone team will be working to.

As compliance from suppliers increases/improves, this guidance may change in the coming months.

Which Woods Fall under this New Ruling?

  • Rosewood - under the genus Dalbergia, so including Cocobolo and African Blackwood.

  • Bubinga

What about Rosewood pruchased prior to 2nd January 2017

Stockpiles of guitars and roswood purchased before the above date, are exempt from certiication, but the stockpiles have to be registered with the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

Customers Living in the UK and the EU

The good news is, trading an instrument within the UK or EU does not require a "Re-Export" certificate.

You may start to notice that invoices for guitars eventually start to include more information than previous - such as the Scientific name for the Rosewood on your instrument, the country of origin of that rosewood and the import certificate numbner.

All this data is reliant on Suppliers providing it to retailers, and assumes capability to assign that data to a specific serial number guitar.

Purchase of instruments from existing stockpiles prior to 2nd Jan 2017 are not subject to the new ruling. 

Customers Living outside the EU

Rich Tone Music - will, until further notice, NOT be able to ship any new or used instruments containing Rosewood outside of the EU.

So customers in Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, The middle East, Australia - etc etc will not be able to order affected instruments from our web store.

The reasons why we can't fulfil these orders at the current time are:

  • Turnaround time and cost of acquiring a Re Export License. for each order.
  • Sufficient Data being provided from supplier - name, origin, and import certificate number of the restricted wood.

Any instrument containing any amount of rosewood or other restricted wood has to have a "Re-Export Certificate".

Does this affect all retailers?

Yes - all retailers are affected by this. Any guitar exported outside the EU without the correct certification could be confiscated...or worse. The certification should be arranged in advance of export. It is relatively costly and the turnaround times are yet to be proven..but can take weeks.

What about buying a guitar from overseas?

The seller you are buying off is responsible for acquiring the correct certification prior to sending you the guitar. If the correct documentation is not arranged in advance of the export, the item could be confiscated by customs.

Does it apply to 2nd hand used instruments?

Yes - the seller would need to obtain a re-export certificate before sending it overseas.


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