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About Us - Rich Tone Music

Rich Tone Music is an independant specialist guitar retailer. We stock and sell a vast range of guitars, basses, amps and accessories along with other related equipment. The about us section will give you more details about our company, our store and how our business has grown over recent years.

Our Location

  • Our store and warehouse is located at:
    64-82 Broadfield Road
    South Yorkshire
    S8 0XL

Busines Ownership and Operation

  • Rich Tone Music is owned by Richard Thomas and James Ferguson. Both James and Richard are full-time active in the day to day operation and control of all aspects of the business.
  • We are not owned and operated by a large board of directors, and while professional, we are not overly "corporate" nor out of touch with the industry and players needs.

Why buy from us?

James and I have often discussed how people, and ourselves, make buying decisions. We believe that they come down to 3 core areas:

  1. Stock Depth, Breadth and Availability
  2. Pricing
  3. Service

We deliver in all three areas in the following ways:

Stock Depth, Breadth and Availability

  • We stock 3000 guitars on average - at any one time.
     YES - 3000!
  • We operate out of ONE LOCATION, meaning that all our stock is one place.
  • We do not spread our stock around the country and will never be a multiple chain store.
  • One place - maximum stock - WORTH THE VISIT!
  • We TAKE DELIVERIES EVERY DAY from the major brands. With regular re-ordering we are able to maximise "on shelf availability".
  • TIRED of seeing tonnes of listings on music retailer web sites saying "availabile in 3 weeks" etc etc. If we do not have something we'll tell you straight.

    If we have it - it will say "IN STOCK".
  • We ship with UPS - fully insured and next working day to most areas in the UK (Some areas in Scotland may be 48 hrs). So when you want to pull the trigger - the guitar arrives pronto.


  • Unlike other major retailers - the price you see on the web site is the price you pay in store also. We will not discriminate between web customers and shop customers.

    So, I can have the internet price AND come and pick it up in person? Yep - you got it right.
  • Price Tracking - we utilise state of the art price tracking software to keep our web site prices in line with the competition.

    If you think we have missed something - you can always use the "Have you seen a better price?" form.
  • BRAND SPECIALISTS - we do not stock every brand under the sun (although we are working on it).

    However, the brands we DO stock we buy in depth which allows us to benefit from all the best buying discounts and compete with the huge corporates in many areas.


  • PERSONAL SHOPPING - appointments are available for people to make special journeys and get one on one advice and service. No crowds, appropriate environment for trying out high end guitars and amps.
  • ESTABLISHED AND RESPECTED mail order operation. 7 day money back, insured and tracked shipping, excellent packaging, fast despatch and delivery.
  • FRIENDLY AND KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF - no ego environment. No song is "denied", the sales guys are here to help and are not just passing the time waiting/hoping for their band to "Go Big In Japan".

    Whether you can't play a note - through to being a pro musician - you will be treated with respect and honest advice will be given.

That's all for now

Rich Thomas

  • Fender Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • Charvel Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • Jackson Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • Gretsch Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • Takamine Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • EVH Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • Squier by Fender Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK
  • Guild Authorized Dealer - Rich Tone Music  Sheffield, UK